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Need help with taxes and the IRS? We are a team of highly skilled tax lawyers representing individuals and businesses from California, throughout the United States, and abroad, based in Fresno and Los Angeles. We bring decades of experience and the fire to fight for what’s rightfully yours. Call (559) 201-0183 for a no cost, no obligation consultation. We will give you our advice and proposed strategy. Call us today.

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We have been helping individuals and businesses fight the IRS for deacades.
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    • – Experienced Tax Attorneys who’ve worked for the IRS
    • – Certified Public Accountants Specializing in Tax Help
    • – Experienced Enrolled Agents


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“The most valuable service we provide is educating individuals about the IRS process and culture. For both individuals and businesses to be successful in fighting the IRS we have to bring a detailed strategy for action.”

A Diversified Team of Tax Law Experts

If you are currently facing the prospect of jail time or are combating debt, our Tax lawyers in Fresno County can help you to avoid imprisonment and become debt-free by communicating with the IRS on your behalf. We present the various programs available to U.S. citizens and corporations such as offer in compromise, tax penalty abatement and installment agreements, to help you find the most effective and affordable method to pay off your debts. We won’t sugar coat it. Working with the IRS presents a steep learning curve if you don’t fully understand your rights and the laws surrounding U.S. tax programs. That is why our team of Los Angeles tax attorneys explain the details of your situation and determine the best method of tax relief for you.

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Laying the Foundation

Welcome to Valley Tax Law, a network of LA Tax Attorneys that specializing in working with Los Angeles taxpayers that have IRS or State tax issues. Our priority is to work endlessly to help our clients address their tax problems with succinct resources and experience. We take away the the stress from mountains of paper work and complexity required to battle the IRS or local tax agencies.

Whether you’re screening calls from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or you run a Corporation, Valley Tax Law provides you the best recommended tax programs for your family, bank account or company needs. Our diverse team of lawyers, accountants, enrolled agents, and staff have a strategy and tactics ready for you no matter what your situation may be.

Have you received threatening letters from the IRS or from your local tax agencies and don’t know where to start? Regardless of the amount owed in back taxes, we have a full staff of income tax attorneys and accountants available to provide you with effective and lasting tax relief. An experienced tax lawyer can advise you on the most effective way to file your taxes right the first time or, if you’re dealing with back taxes and improper filings, we can help you to reach a settlement or agreement with the IRS.


When Michael says he brings 40 years of experience in working with the IRS he isn’t kidding. His professionalism and vast knowledge in tax issues is well beyond 90% of the other tax law firms out there. I called him with a tax matter that threatened a huge part of my yearly income go to the IRS. He was patient, kind, and above all extremely valuable in presenting me a viable, affordable solution. As an independent contractor filing taxes is always been a weakness of mine. For years I’ve tried working with various tax firms like H&R block, Liberty. Everytime I was left in the same situation I started in.
After finding Michael Wells and his team, they are the only tax preparer/attorney I and my family seek advice from. He truly is invested in your life and will ensure you aren’t gutted by the IRS.
Thomas O, LA